Don’t call me daddy: A guide to wide age gap relationships

We’ve all seen those scenes where the older person in a couple is mistaken for a parent.

Relationships are complicated enough as it is. So why add another layer of complexity by dating someone who is much much older or younger than you are?


“While gay partnerships with significant age gaps may occur for many of the same reasons as in hetero partnerships, the LGBT+ community has additional possibilities.

For example, in smaller towns, there may be fewer out single people to choose from so it may be based on available options. In other cases, it may be that the chronological age gap is wide but the coming out experience or time living openly may be similar.

Others may seek out someone significantly older or younger to fill a void left if their fictive family disowned them due to their identity.

Whatever the reason, as long as everyone in the relationship is consenting and there are no safety concerns, there is no reason for loved ones not to support these unions.

“Internationally Recognized Leading LGBT Expert Kryss Shane.”

Best Sunday Seshes Across Australia

The humble Sunday Sesh in Australia has become an important part of Australian social culture. Over the years, bars and pubs have extended this tradition to the LGBTIQ+ community with fabulous and vibrant events.


Queer Deluxe

Cheap pizzas, great DJs, performers and room for all – it’s Queer Deluxe. Every Sunday Bimbo becomes the home of Queer Deluxe, the northside’s new home of fun, frivolity and best of all-it’s free! Join us 3pm – late every Sunday for a gay ol’ time. All members of the LGBT community and our fabulous straight allies are welcome – please note that this is a safe space and any behaviour not in line with our ethos and/or the safety of our patrons will not be tolerated.


The Emerson

The Emerson love supporting the gay community with their weekly Sunday sessions! Take part in The Gay Autumn Series on the Emerson rooftop, with Drag Bingo being one of the major highlights on the first Sunday of every month. Or maybe you’d prefer to enjoy The Emerson’s special feature parties every fortnight, with great music and good vibes! Leave your fake persona’s at the door and be whoever you desire to be, at this ultimate Sunday Sesh destination, starting from 12pm till Late.


SunGays at Limes Hotels

We at Limes Hotel feel like there’s something missing in the LGBTQ community. And that’s an outdoor venue that’s relaxed, unpretentious, mature and most of all, fun.

You wont hear Britney Spears blasting over your conversation, nor will there be any shows or “games”; we simply offer you a space to meet up with your friends and enjoy our awesome beverage list and cool rooftop tunes.

Swing by and say hey, or come say haaaay gurl hey, and come be apart of the new gay hangout in Brisbane.

Best LGBTIQA+ podcasts to listen to in 2019!

It’s like every second person you talk to these days is listening to some kind of podcast. The medium which is the podcast is fast emerging as one of the most popular ways to consume entertainment, news, gossip, (sports), and basically any conversation styled program.

Controversy ensured this year after the launch of the “infamous”
Sydney Gays Podcast sparked fierce discussion about the types of certain personalities who are representing the queer community in media.

Shortly after premiering their first episode, the podcast received scathing reviews (with an average of 1.5/5 stars), calling out the hosts for their “vapid” and “shallow” topics of conversation that seem to resonate with wealthier, white, weightlifting homosexuals in the Sydney Gay “scene”.

So what have we learned from this experience? That Australians in the LGBTIQA+ community are as diverse as the rest of the population, and require heterogeneous (hetero- meaning “different”, as opposed to homo- meaning same) representation?

Does boycotting this podcast violate free speech within a subsection of the community? Or does it reinforce negative stereotypes that have been depicted in media for so long? Let us know in the comments section below!


The Gays are Revolting

There’s nothing revolting about these gay lads from Melbourne. Even when they do cover the most “sickening” topics like sex mishaps, you’re compelled to laugh and go along for the ride.

There’s a level of class and poignancy when discussing sensitive topics that is unparalleled in any other podcast

Christian Hull (and the magical world of Trish)

You’ve probably seen at least 10 of his (very entertaining) videos splashed across social media.

Along with his alter-ego 
Trish, this podcast goes on the weirdest tangents. Like the Gays Are Revolting, it can go into explicit detail about sexual experiences.

If you’re looking for validation or reassurance about your own encounters, it’s definitely worth a listen!


RuPaul: What’s The Tee? with Michelle Visage

Whether or not you’re a fan of Drag Race, you’ll likely be fond of the topics and celebrity guests who join Ru and Michelle each week.

More often than not, the celebs will feature on the podcast after featuring on the show. But it’s definitely not a recap or plug of the show. These celebs “spill the tea” and “give the tee” on their career highlights, personal projects and zoom into their personalities.

Latter-Day Lesbian pocast

You’ve probably heard about the church of the “Latter-Day Sluts Saints” (aka the “Mormon Church”).

Latter-Day Lesbian Podcast: an ex-Mormon gay girl trying to figure out life. We’re Mary and Shelly (the Latter-Day Lesbian). Shelly is a divorced mother of seven dealing with leaving the Mormon church and learning about her sexuality for the first time. She has a story to tell, and I’m helping her through a podcast that’s raw, honest, funny and hopeful all at once. We hope you agree.

Dear God Are We There Yet?

How can you take on the problems of the world when there’s so much to do already? It can be overwhelming, no matter how good your intentions might be. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change the world, just like you always thought you would. Join the Conversation!

Celebrating Pride Month in 2019!

Every year the LGBTIQ community celebrates Pride Month in June to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. This year is a very special Pride Month because it marks the 50th anniversary since the first rock was thrown at the Stonewall Inn and started a revolution that paved they way LGBTIQ rights all over the world. It was the catalyst of movements such as the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

However, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this year’s Pride Month with corporations being accused of capitalising on the occasion. Many large organisations such as
Microsoft and Apple have thrown their support behind the community but have been met with raised eyebrows from the queer community.

It’s safe to say large organisations such as QANTAS have been active supporters in the community and played an integral role in the 2017 Marriage Equality plebiscite. One would hope that those promoting Pride Month will be sending a large proportion of their sales to support queer charities or to at least help foster
LGBTIQ inclusion within the workplace.

But there are many genuine brands out there that are dedicated to helping spread the message of love and equality. Here are some brands that are supporting LGBTIQ Pride (and even run by queer people) around the world this month!

Best of all, you can order these products and services in Australia. So buy now!

Frisky Friction

We are for gay, bi, and curious men to have an elite space to explore all of their fantasies and sexual desires in an upscale, safe environment. We offer the discerning male exclusive parties designed to provide a great, discreet way to connect with other men who want to enjoy a night of kinky pleasure and erotic liaisons. Our events are held in many different cities around the world to make a global community of men who are looking for a place to unleash their sexual beasts.

Defender Ring

Defender Ring is a chic jewelry ring that doubles as personal protection. Wear it as an accessory while jogging in the park or going out to dinner with friends. This new fashion piece is a great addition to any self defense collection.

The Lifebook

The Lifebook is a pre-baby book. It is a place to chronicle your journey to bring your child into your home. The book is designed to give children the gift of their story. It is beautiful, easy to use and it is created with LGBTQ couples and single parent families in mind.


BathCalm’s blends include only pure essential oils, Epsom salts and natural ingredients, as well as gentle guided meditations set to sublime music. We care about our planet as much as your relaxation, which is why we only use recyclable and biodegradable materials, and we get that you’re busy too, so each meditation lasts less than 20 minutes. BathCalm proudly supports our global LBGTIQ community, because we mean it when we say that EVERYBODY deserves to feel good – especially in their bath!

The Aesthetic Union

The Aesthetic Union is an authentic, letterpress, print shop located in San Francisco, California, USA. The owner, James Lewis Tucker, creates these posters by hand, especially throughout San Francisco’s Pride Month in June. They can be found in the windows of many homes and businesses throughout the American city.

Vivo Masks

VIVO Masks is a company specialising in high quality masquerade masks. Handmade in Venice, the quality in their design and decorative textures is immediately apparent. Inspired by both traditional Venetian and modern masquerade designs, there is something for everyone and for every occasion, from formal masquerade balls to Halloween.